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An effective presenter is hard to find. And effective presenter must plan, plan, and plan. An effective presentation must be designed with the audience and their experience in mind. Presentations that convey a lasting message are that one's that entertains, educations, and informs. The presenter should strive to ensure that the audience leaves with information but also with the tools and desire continue the learning process.

Key Presentations

Creating a Personal Mission Statement
Do you have know what is important to you? Many people think they know, but they really don't. In this presentation the participant will learn to align values with everyday life. The participant will leave the presentation with a better understanding of themselves as well as a Personal Mission Statement that will help with personal growth.

Time Management
Everyone has the same amount of time in each day, right? Why do some people get more done during the same amount of time? In this presentation you will learn how to get organized, structure your academic life, and do the things that are important to you.

Web Design
Why is navigation important? What's the difference between a disjointed image and a disjointed finger? In this presentation, the participant will learn the how and why of web design. The participant will learn the concepts that pros use to make sites more user-friendly.

Complete List

Time Management
Organizing Your Physical Space
Success During Training
Who Moved My Cheese
Running Effective Meetings
Recruiting Minority Leaders on a Predominately White Campus

Advanced Palm Date Book
Basic Palm Functions
Create a Magical Web Page
Design & Create Web Graphics
Introduction to Access

Student Development
Creating a Personal Mission Statement
Developing a Personal Constitution
Recognizing Through Blue Ribbons
Babe: A Look at Diversity
Gender Sensitivity
Conflict Resolution
Students with Disabilities
Stress through Humor and Fun
Crisis Intervention Through Listening

UNI 101: Freshman Seminar
ECD 220: Topics in Student Development Theory


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