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Design must be reflective of the goals and values of the client. The designer must get the client to search within to make sure that they know what is important to the organization. The designer must then make a visual representation of those values to attract the audience to the message.

Internet examples: Teach For America, GMP

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Fads come and go, but good design withstands the test of time. The designer must find a balance with the client. It is vital to know all the possible bells and whistles, but it is more important to pick and choose the appropriate ones. Without a classic design, the product will be outdated in no time.

Internet examples:Cole Haan, eonBusiness

LovettCreations.org example


Design should be simple. Content is king. The client must understand that without good content the design is only eye candy and will not keep the audiences attention. Design should not take away from the content. Good design works with content, but great design compliments content and does not distract from it.

Internet examples: IBM, Everdream

LovettCreations.org example

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