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Client Survey

Client input is vital to the overall design process and basis upon which great web sites are built. This survey will help you identify the overall goals of your organization, which in turn will help with site redesign. This survey is not a substitute for LovettCreations.org consultation, it is a starting point.

[ pdf version ]

Web site Planning

The web site planning worksheet is a great way for the client to begin the process of planning how the web site should flow. The worksheet helps to define specific areas of marketing that may be lost in the design phase. The planning worksheet will also help the client understand small but important items like primary and secondary colors.

[ pdf version ]

Logo Design Worksheet

The process of designing a logo is not only fun, but complicated. There are principles and design rules that are important to consider when designing a graphical representation for a client. This worksheet helps the client cognitively think about their values which in turns helps to project the right image.

[ pdf version ]

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